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We carry everything needed to raise Honey Bees! Please note: Orders can not be placed on this website. Please call 860-605-0023. Or go to: or eBay.

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You Wo​n't find a stronger built hive on the market.

Hive Bodies, Honey Supers and most other wooden parts are Dovetail Joints, waterproof glued & nailed. Handles are water-proof glued, nailed and screwed to the hive box.


The Double Wide:

No more heavy lifting with this new addition to the market, exclusively with Mike's beehives LLC. Holds 25 standard Langstroth deep frames. No more mixing deeps and medium frames; they are all the same size. Included Follower Boardlets you control the amount of space the bees are working. Set the hive on a stand at a comfortable working height and everything is on one level. $335.00

Oxalic Acid Vaporizer Pipe & Dribble Syringe:

Simply drill a 1/4" hole in the back of one hive body, put a towel across the front entrance, place acid granules in the pipe and put cap on, slip the pipe 1" into the hole and heat with a torch for 30 seconds. Wait 2 - 3 minutes and remove the pipe. Includes Pipe,  with enough acid for 2 treatments, heat shield, Syringe for dribble method and enough acid to mix with 16 oz. syrup.  No expensive spoon or battery needed. No very expensive electric gun needed. Only $55.00

Heated Bottom Board:Simply amazing!

Radiant heated Bottom Board maintains a constant temperature in the hive all winter long. Simply set the control at a reasonable temp. (40 F Recommended). No more harsh fluctuation inside the hive, makes it easier for the bees to survive. $150.00 

Bat House:

Holds up to 45 Bats. Fasten to the side of a building or on a pole about 8' up or higher. Screen landing pad for easy access. Bats eat up to 2,000 mosquitos a day. Comes unpainted. $40.00

Butterfly House:

Place butterfly house on a short pole about 3' high off the ground, in or close to a flower garden. Front opens up to put bark strips inside for the Butterflies to lay their eggs. Unpainted: $35.00 Painted: $40.00

Custom Engraving:

Many choices to pick from. Can be engraved on the side or front of deep or medium hive boxes. Text is also available. Price varies on box size and choice of engraving. As shown; $60.00 on a deep box (Included).

The Complete Package:

Complete Hive w/frames (30), 3 Lb. Italian Honey Bees, Jacket w/veil, Gloves, Smoker, Hive Tool, Winter Feeding Shim, Tie-down Strap, Pro Health, Choice of Feeder and Mouse Guard. Everything except the sugar syrup!              $640.00

Complete Hive W/O Frames & Foundations

Includes: Base, Bottom Board, Dbl. sized Entrance Reducer, 2 Deep Hive Bodies, 1 Med. Honey Super, Inner & Outer Telescoping Covers.         $235.00

Complete Hive W/Frames/Foundations: Same as above, but includes 20 Deep & 10 Med. Black plastic wax coated Frames $335.00

Substitute: Observation Hive Body for regular Hive Body: add $55.00

Substitute: Observation Honey Super for reg. Honey Super: add $50.00

Substitute: Screened Bottom Board for Reg. Btm. Board: add $15.00

Substitute: Barn style outer Cover for Telescoping Cover: add $26.00

Substitute: Barn Style outer Cover w/Sheet Metal add $40.00

Substitute: Barn Style Outer Cover w/Copper add $66.00

NEW: Barn Style Outer Cover with real Copper Cap $105.00

               or with sheet metal cap: $75.00

NEW: ( Patent pending):

Observation Hive Body:          $85.00              Painted: $100.00

Slide out panels (back side) Allows for viewing of the inside of the hive 365 days a year, in any weather! 9-5/8" deep.

Observation Honey Super:        $75.00                Painted: $90.00

Slide out panels allow for checking on your bees or just to take a peak in any weather. 6-5/8" deep.

Hive Base:

Sloped front base for a larger landing area. $32.00

Bottom Board:

Standard size, fits on Base.   $26.00

Entrance Reducer:

Double sized for cool or cold weather conditions or to reduce "robbing."                 $4.00

Deep Hive Body:

9-5/8" deep standard sized for brood chambers. Dovetail joints, waterproof glued and nailed in every "pin & tail". $35.00

Medium Honey Super:

6-5/8" deep, standard size for storing honey to over-winter or harvest. Dovetail joints, waterproof glued & nailed in every "pin & tail". $       31.00

Inner Cover:

Standard size with vent hole & upper entrance (can be closed off). $17.00

Outer/Telescoping Cover:

Extends over entire hive; wood framed w/plywood top then capped w/sheet metal.       $35.00

Top Feeder: holds 4 gallons

Two separate compartments. Can hold up to 4 gallons of syrup alone or syrup on one side and water on the other. Matches hive components with dovetail joints.


1 Gallon Inside Feeder

Easy to fill/refill,


Escape Screen:

Used for removing bees from Honey Super before harvest. Simply place in between Hive Body & Super 1-2 days before harvest & bees go down, but can't get back up. (Shown upside down)    $20.00

Screened Bottom Board W/slide out tray: Used for ventilation & checking for Varroa Mites. A sticky board may be placed on tray or simply spray with a cooking spray for counting mites. $38.00

Slatted Bottom Board:

Used for additional ventilation & reduces "robbing" by other bees & wasps.     $20.00

Barn Style Outer Covers:

More stylish than the typical Outer Cover. Accent your garden with a stylish hive. Vented. All wood $60.00, w/sheet metal $75.                      or w/copper $105.


Wood frame with a screened bottom and screened vent holes on all 4 sides. Cools the hive when empty, fill with wood shavings or news paper for insulation & absorb moisture ,

to prevent condensation. $26.00

Top Bar Hive: Special Order

With side viewing window & screened bottom & slide out tray for ventilation & mite control. Sheet metal capped outer cover, w/Bars $300.00      painted $325.

Double Overwintering Screen W/Nucs: Double screened; fits over reg. hive body. Two 5 frame nucs sit on screen. Heat from strong hive below helps warm the 2 Nucs.

Includes 2 Nucs w/ I&O (sheet metal capped) covers.       $125                                

Double Over-Wintering Nuc Screen:

Screen alone for over-wintering 2 Nucs $35.00

Complete Nuc:

Includes; Nuc Base, Bottom Board, 5 frame box, Inner & Outer(sheet metal capped) Covers. $83.00 (frames extra.)

Nuc Base:

Sloped front; Base for single 5 frame Nuc. $20.00

Nuc Bottom Board:

Bottom Board       $20.00  

Nuc w/Inner & Outer Covers:

5 frame Nuc w/Inner & Outer(sheet metal capped) Covers. $49.00

Nuc Box:

Single 5 Frame Nuc Box.


Nuc Inner & Outer Covers:

Inner & Outer(sheet metal capped) covers for Nuc. $30.00

Swarm Trap:

5 Frame, slide off top cover, entrance hole with slide cover. Hangs on tree or post. $45.00

Deep Plastic Frame/Foundation:

Double Wax coated plastic w/cell formation, holds up better to wax moths and extracting.     $3.75/e or 10/$35.

Medium Frame/Foundation:

Double Wax coated plastic, w/cell formation, Wax Moth proof. Holds up better for honey extraction. $3.25/e or 10/$30.

NEW: (Patented):

Observation Hive Body: In stock

Slide out panels (back and side) Allows for viewing of the inside of the hive 365 days a year, in any weather! 9-5/8" deep. $85.00     Painted: $100.00

Observation Honey Super - special order:

Slide out panels allow for checking on your bees or just to take a peak in any weather. 6-5/8" deep. $75.00          Painted: $90.00

All wooden ware is rough sawn 13/16" pine, fully assembled & unpainted. Painting is extra, call for pricing.

Products & Services:

Custom Beehives & Components.

Hive Maintenance.

Honey Extraction Service!Harvest the honey from your hives. $35./8 or 10 frame super & 1 Lb. of your honey.

Average yield: 30-35 Lbs/Super

Includes straining.

Beekeeping Classes: Check "Events" page

Also Available:

Hive Tool: 


Mouse Guard: 


Boardman Feeder:

$8.00,  w/2 Qt. jar: $15.00, 1 Qt. $13.

Frame Grip:

$5./plastic or $13./metal



Moisture Board:


Frame Brush:


Bee Jacket w/Hood:


Ventilated Bee jacket:




Hive Stands:      



           New Tubular Metal (heavy duty)



$130. (single)

$150. (double wide, holds 2 hives)

8 or 9 frame spacers:


Double Qrt Feeder:

$15.00 w/2 one Qt. jars or $18.w 2 Qt. jars

Drone Frame:


Queen Excluders:

3 choices

Now selling Honey!

2 Oz. Bear: $3.00

8 Oz. Bottle $8.00 or 2/$15.

12 Oz. Bottle $12.00

1 Lb. Bottle $15.00

Creamed Honey $18./Lb.

Lip Balms: varieties: Many Available     $3.00 e

We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown above. Call for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

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