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Now selling:

Bat Houses $35.

Bird Houses $35.

Butterfly Houses $25.

Owl Houses $65. & $75.

6' Coat Racks $85.

Solid Oak Cutting Boards $25. (USA States) & up!

Creamed Honey $18/Lb.

Lip Balms $3.

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New: Check out the new "Videos" page!

Barn Style Outer Cover Now also available with a sheet metal or copper cap!

Now Offering:

Honey Extraction Service!

Bring your combs here and enjoy the experience of extracting your own honey! Or I will show you. Same price. $35./10 frame super plus 1 Lb. Honey.

A 10 frame super yields 25-30 Lbs. of honey. Includes straining! (no filtering ever)


2 oz. bear $3., 8 oz. jar $8.00 or 2/$15. ,12 oz./$12., 1 Lb./$15.

Over-wintering Nuc Screen

Remove outer cover of strong hive, place nuc screen & 2 nucs on inner cover. Place cover on nucs. Heat from strong hive will help heat the nucs!

Nuc Screen:

shown with 1 nuc

Top-Bar Hives:

Red Cedar or Pine.

Red Cedar: $425.00

Pine: $325.00 unpainted or $350.00 painted

          Open Top Bar Hive

Top Bar Hive

Side view

TopBar Hive w/cover removed

Hive Vent/Insulator:

Screened box (bottom), w/screened side holes for ventilation in the warmer months. Add a Moisture Absorbing Pillow or fill w/wood shavings in Winter for condensation & insulation.

16-1/4" x 20" x 2-3/4" The bottom and the side vent holes are screened.

$27.00 unpainted, $35.00 Painted.

Moisture Pillows        $15. each or 2/$28.

Swarm Traps:

$55.00 Painted

Frames not included

 $45.00 Unpainted


1065 S. Main St, Torrington, CT 06790

Hours: Call for appointment. I may be out collecting a swarm!